How to Apply Eyeshadow for Brown Eyes Step by Step

We’ve all attempted to get the perfect makeup application via YouTube Beauty Gurus, lengthy tutorials, and testing new products, and we’re all aware of just how annoying it can be to try billions of techniques that don’t work for us. That’s why we’ve created this list of hacks you haven’t tried yet when it comes to your eyeshadow routine. Whether you’re new to makeup or a tried and true trend veteran, you’ll love these cool techniques for amping up your look and the products from Dose of Colors.

The Backwards Cut Crease:

Have you ever tried to nail a ‘cut crease’ look but just ended up blending all of your shadow colors into something…well, blah? Then this technique will be perfect for you.

Begin by applying a primer to your entire lid. Then, using your favorite application tool, smooth your highlight color underneath your brow across the brow bone. For this technique, we’ll do the crease first. Select your palette and use the darkest shade in your crease, being careful not to go below your crease line. 

Then choose a slightly lighter shade, and use that to blend between the top edge of your crease, and the shade you place onto your brow bone. Be sure to blend well to get a perfect upwards ombre effect here.

Next, choose a light color and apply it from the base of each eyelid up to the crease line. This line should stop right at the beginning of the crease color you applied earlier. There’s no need to blend! This will create everyone’s favorite cut crease look that’s sure to turn heads and make your eyes look like daggers.

Lastly, finish off with your favorite style of eyeliner and mascara for a complete look. 

The Prime Prepper:

Primers. The tiniest products that cost the most and make the biggest impact on long-wear makeup. If you’ve ever gone on a makeup haul and forgotten to pick up primer (or decided not to drop any of your pretty pennies on it), you’ll find these creative priming solutions might just save you on a big night!

Priming Tip #1 – Use a thin layer of your concealer on your eyes as a primer! Allow the product to dry before applying shadow. 

Priming Tip #2 – Can you say “laxatives”? Okay, maybe that doesn’t sound so appealing. But easy, quick and cheap primer should! Dig through your cabinets (or your mom’s sacred beauty drawer) and pull out the Milk of Magnesia! Not only is this creamy, fluid white substance perfect in place of eyeshadow primer, it also works to prime your entire face! Be sure to shake and use small amounts, as this product dries quickly.

The Ultimate Tape Hack:

This last hack is sure to help your shadow stay within the lines without interrupting the rest of your face. Begin with a clean face. Apply primer onto the entire lid. Then place a piece of clear tape onto the outside of the eye, with the bottom edge beginning directly underneath the outside of the eye, and angling up to the outside edge of the brow. Apply your eyeshadow, then carefully remove the tap. Voila! You’ve got a clean edge! Finish up with eyeliner, mascara, and any other favorites you enjoy using on your beautiful face! You can find a variety of products with Dose of Colors. 

Now that we’ve forced you out of makeup purgatory and into ultimate creativity, it’s your turn to put these fun techniques to use. Whatever you try, be sure to compliment yourself in the mirror before you go, because confidence in your own makeup skills is the greatest form of girl power.