All about SMS marketing

Marketing has changed drastically in just the past few years. One thing that has remained the same is that cell phones have not left the pockets of consumers for nearly two decades. Email marketing is great. Social media marketing is great. Text message marketing is priceless.

How the service works

SMS, short for “Short Messaging Service”, is a common component of most cell phone services. Marketing agencies buy large amounts of data from consumers, such as cell phone numbers, and utilize SMS text messages as a means to advertise to those consumers. Text messages are a cheap and easy way to launch marketing campaigns for firms that want to get exposure to massive groups of diverse clients.

Why choose SMS marketing

When marketing agencies weigh their options, they must consider the medium in which to gain the most exposure to their potential clients. Compared to SMS marketing, email marketing is slow and all the hard work that marketing agencies spend on their campaigns can go straight to their customers junk mail folder, never to be seen. Social media marketing is another great option, however, the barriers to entry are quite high as pricing for this style of marketing has skyrocketed in the past few years and not everyone has a presence on social media (yet). By utilizing SMS marketing, agencies get to target their audience directly and cheaply. A recent study shows that 95% of all SMS text messages sent by businesses were opened and viewed by customers!

When to utilize an SMS marketing service

Different types of marketing should be used in different scenarios. Long form content is best suited for email and video is best suited for social media marketing. Where SMS shines is real-time quick offers and updates for a customer base that a business that has already built a level of rapport. Let’s be real, it can be invasive receiving a direct text message to your personal cell phone number from a business that is cold texting you with solicitations. Once a business has gained the trust of the consumer, SMS marketing like may be exactly what you need to introduce your client to the latest and greatest product drop, a flash sale or even a birthday coupon!

How to find an SMS marketing service

A simple Google search for “SMS marketing services” can do most of the work for you. Vetting each service is up to you. Choose a marketing team with experience, great reviews, and reasonable pricing. Don’t forget that this type of service should be one of the cheaper services a business should be paying for when it comes to marketing expenditure, so don’t break the bank!