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Why Do I Need A Complete Oral Exam Every 5 Years?

Learning more about oral exams makes them less threatening and intimidating. But more importantly, it explains why a complete oral exam is vital to our oral health. And why a complete exam is different from the regular visit to the dentist’s office that you do every five or six months.

You can schedule an appointment at any dentist’s office. But often, it is better to rely on certified dentists that work in a team. For example, people living in Texas can visit and make an appointment request whenever they want. The staff replies with the first available day to meet the specialist you want or need.

Subtle Changes Make A Big Impact

Most people are not aware of the changes happening in the mouth over the years. For the most part, the focus on oral health begins when they feel pain or discomfort. But the daily, subtle changes that lead to dental and oral diseases can be detected before they affect your overall health. This is why a complete oral exam is necessary.

Even antiviral therapy can affect your mouth. Depending on your medical history, a lot of components, habits, or conditions like bruxism may be at play. The more time passes, the higher the chances undiagnosed conditions turn into cancers, cavities, and gum disease.

Most people do not avoid requesting complete oral exams. But they do not have the time for preventive oral care. Services like make scheduling an appointment easier. Plus, they offer many procedures to solve any issue the exam may find out.

How Sites Like Help

Finding out what your motivation is for coming in is always crucial to a dentist. Especially when it comes to new patients. After all, they have not had any experience with the staff and procedures.

On sites like, you can leave a note when making an appointment. You can also state your medical history and if something is bothering you. For more extensive consultation, they offer a panoramic radiograph as well. The website lists all the procedures they offer. So you can also request other services and get a detailed quote.

Here Are Some Conditions That Can Change Your Oral Health Within 5 Years

  • Elderly adults may show signs of gum disease or have untreated tooth decay
  • Menopause and postmenopausal are risk factors for periodontal disease
  • Smoking can lead to cancers of the tongue, gums, lips,
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