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5 Signs You Need a Spinal Surgeon

A spinal neurosurgeon can help when you’re experiencing excruciating back pain.

Other situations that require spine surgery may not be as obvious. Here are 5 instances where you’ll need a professional back surgeon:

1. Uneven Spine

Scoliosis is a condition where the spine is curved into various ‘S’ lines. Kyphosis is a similar disease that will require a spine specialist.

When left unchecked, scoliosis can develop into something that’s far more debilitating, such as having an uneven waist, shoulder or having a hip or shoulder blade becoming more prominent than the other.

Spine MD has worked with curved spine cases and produced excellent results. When you, a friend or family member shows symptoms of scoliosis, make an appointment right away.

2. Chronic Back Pain

You may have undertaken a physical activity or sport that’s caused your spinal discs to slip, bulge or rupture. The next day, you experience excruciating pain and are unable to do anything else.

Exercise and light stretching can sometimes work out the kinks in your back, but if it doesn’t work then you can go to a spine surgeon to see what needs to be done.

3. Radiating Pain

Back pain can have different characteristics depending on the condition. It can be a dull, throbbing pain or sharp stabbing ones; sometimes the pain would even radiate starting from your back to the extremities.

When you’re constantly feeling weakness, numbing or tingling in your back, then it could be the presence of bone spurs. These are extra growth that may be interfering with your spinal nerves. If this is the case then they may have to be removed surgically.

Spine MD can accurately diagnose your back pain condition and recommend the best course of action. Spinal care is important as it can dictate the course of your daily activities.

4. You’re Getting Shorter

As people advance in age their bones, especially the ones in the spine get more brittle. This is a sign that the spine is gradually collapsing and thus making the individual shorter.

Aside from taking care of osteoporosis you can book an appointment with a spinal surgeon to see if surgery is a necessary solution.

5. Stenosis

Stenosis is a condition where you may lose feeling in certain parts of your body and have your balance or movement impaired. Furthermore, bladder and bowel functions are affected.

This is usually caused by narrowing of the … Read the rest

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