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Difference Between Breast Implants Under or Over the Muscle

Women opt to get breast implants, sometimes known as breast augmentation or a “boob job”, for any number of reasons. Whether you are interested in this procedure because of past medical issues or surgery or would simply like to enhance your confidence level or physical appearance, you probably have many questions. One important issue is to understand the various types of breast implants that are available to ensure that you choose the one that is best for you.


In saline breast implants, an implant shell is filled with sterile saltwater that is readily absorbed into the body should the shell leak. These implants furnish a uniform, firm shape and feel and are FDA approved for women 18 or older. You can also ask your breast implant surgeon about getting a structured saline implant that many women prefer because of its more natural feel.


Instead of being filled with sterile saltwater, these contain a silicone gel that feels more like your natural breast tissue. Should a leak occur, the gel might stay in the shell, or it could migrate into the implant pocket. The implant will not collapse if there is a leak; therefore, it is wise to visit your surgeon regularly to be sure the implant continues to function well. Silicone implants are FDA approved for women 22 and over.


These teardrop-shaped, gel-based implants maintain their form better than either saline or silicone alternatives. Thanks to their silicone shell and silicone gel filling, gummy bear implants keep their form and feel softer and more natural to the touch. Even if the shell breaks, the form does not collapse. While this type of implant is stronger and less likely to rupture, leaks are more difficult to detect. Therefore, it is recommended that patients receive a surveillance MRI two years after the procedure and every three years thereafter.


Another aspect of augmentation that you should discuss with your surgeon is the shape you want. Options include the following:

• Round implants for a fuller and more uniform shape;

• Smooth implants that move with the implant pocket and provide a soft feel. They also may ripple visibly under the skin;

• Textured implants that are designed to develop rough scar tissue that adheres to the implant and results in more stability and less of a chance that they will move … Read the rest

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Best Low Carb Foods to Eat to Lose Weight Fast

The amount of conflicting information that exists regarding how to eat well and lose weight is astounding. For instance, should you focus on a diet that is low in carbohydrates and high in fats? Or is it preferable to put your money on an eating plan that is particularly low in fats? 

What is a Low Carb Diet?

Foods such as pasta, bread, rice and potatoes as well as items with added sugar are high in carbohydrates. Ingesting a diet that consists mostly of these usually leads to poor health, weight gain and even conditions such as diabetes. Low-carb diets involve reducing your intake of starches and sugars, at the same time increasing your intake of natural fats. When you eat in this way, your blood sugar stabilizes, and insulin levels drop. You will lose weight and be less hungry because your body will be burning fat as its fuel.

Followers of low-carb plans focus on eating fish, meat, eggs, vegetables that grow above the ground and natural fats such as butter and avocado while avoiding starches and sugars. Calorie counting is unnecessary; as long as you eat right and follow low carb recipes, you can have as much as you want until you are full. Be sure to avoid processed low-fat items.

What is a Low-Fat Diet?

The truth is that fat is an essential part of the human diet. In order to be healthy, you should get anywhere from 20 to 35 percent of your daily calories from fat. However, that does not mean you should feast on processed foods and french fries all day. Even so-called low-fat processed foods are often loaded with sugar and high in calories. A low-fat diet involves focusing mostly on whole grains, vegetables and fruits, with only minimal intake of animal and dairy products. By following it, you can keep your calories, fat intake and cholesterol under control.

Which One is Better?

Okay, you might be saying, both of these approaches sounds like it has its merits. How does one go about deciding which is the better alternative?

As it turns out, there is no black-and-white answer although two points are clear: Limiting foods with added sugar and refined flour is always a good idea, and you should keep processed foods to a minimum. Beyond that, each person has his or her own unique preferences and eating styles. What works for … Read the rest

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A Person Qualified to Prescribe Glasses and Contact Lenses

Optometrists are professional eye doctors who have earned the OD i.e. Doctor of Optometry degree. An optometrist examines eyes for both health and vision issues, and corrects refractive oversights by prescribing contact lenses and eyeglasses. There are some optometrists who are qualified also to offer vision therapy and low vision care.

The Best Way to Find the Right Eye Doctor

If you’ve never hired an optometrist before, you need to ensure you locate a good one. Though the prime role of most optometrists being to provide treatment solutions for common eye issues such as, eye infections and dry eyes, they have different terms and condition of operation. Also, despite both optometrists and ophthalmologists being eye doctors, they specialize in different cases. 

An ophthalmologist conducts eye exams, diagnoses and treats disorders, performs eye surgery and prescribes medication.

Talk to your Physician

Your paediatrician or doctor can connect you with the best eye doctor that has the right solutions to your needs. Inform your physician why exactly you need an eye doctor so that he or she can know the perfect eye specialist specializing with your particular issue.

Recommendations and Reference

Family members, co-workers, and friends who have hired an eye doctor previously can help you find the best specialist to liaise with. Also, any person in your area that you know wears eyeglasses probably has an eye doctor and can assist you find a great eye specialist.

The Perfect Choice for your Eye Care Needs in Colorado

Whether you want care for complex vision issues or a regular eye evaluation, the international respected eye doctors at Meadows Eye Care are Colorado’s top eye-care providers. Our board-certified professionals provide state-of-the-art eye care services, including dry eye, speciality contact lenses, and medical eye conditions among other solutions. 

Experience Present-Day Eye Care 

We are a fully licensed eye care service provider offering optometry solutions and vision care items in the entire Colorado Area, and we can assist you maintain or achieve a clear vision for many years to come. 

Our experienced eye specialists provide a comprehensive vision examination at our Castle Rock office. At Meadows Eye Care, our eye doctors are trained to diagnose and treat an extensive range of eye conditions, diseases, and issues.

Looking for a reputable eye doctor in Colorado? Look no Further!

Here at Meadows Eye Care, we utilize advanced diagnostic technologies and vision correction items. We are committed … Read the rest

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