Däv – Festival Snake Brown Rain Boots

This is the first pair of rain boots I have bought during my adult life. Seriously. The last pair I owned were probably a pair of ducky rain boots in yellow or red. For some reason or another, I've always been petrified of them. As a 5'6 girl with size 8.5-9 feet and the ankles of a small boy, I've felt that my feet were too large for my body. My mom, who is relatively the same height and size as me, has perfect size 7 feet and I was always so envious of her well proportioned-ness! Where did my fear of rain boots come into play? I thought they would make my feet look even larger. Skip to me in the downtown Town Shoes location, hearing hallelujah in my head, as I slipped my size 8.5  feet into a size 7 rain boot. Oh, yes indeedy.

After trying on this hideous pair at Call it Spring (formerly Spring, formerly formerly Transit Shoes - they struggle with brand identity) I headed over to The Bay and discovered an American brand who largely catered to us poor, cold, wet Canadians - v Rain. Initially, I had my eye on a simple black pair of rain boots with quilting around the cuff. Lo and behold, they didn't have my size. I then headed over to Town Shoes to find they also carried this fabulous Hunter Boots alternative. Immediately, my eye was drawn to a pair in the corner of the store with dark brown snake print. They were priced amazingly, come backed for just about everything, and are simple enough to match with almost anything. When looking close up, you can notice the snake print, but the boots appear solid from a distance.

The moral of the story? These boots make my feet look smaller than they actually are. I guess rain boots are normally slightly over sized, which thrills me to no end. I still have a little wiggle room, and plenty of space to wear a thick sock, and am feeling overjoyed in my size 7 pair of waterproofed luxury boots from Däv. If you're thinking of checking them out, I encourage you to look at this pair and this pair, as they're also next on my list!