Rebecca Minkoff MAC Clutch and LOVE Ottoman Dress

Early this morning, we went for a quick stroll through our neighboring pathway to snap these outfit photos. We had a torrential downpour last night, so my evening outfit photo shoot was a definite no-go. To go along with the somewhat sombre and muggy weather, I'm wearing an all black outfit and keeping my hair up to avoid an attack of the frizz.

For this outfit, I've paired a black ribbed ottoman dress from Topshop clothing brand LOVE with my chunky suede heels from Kate & Mel and a Rebecca Minkoff MAC bag in black with light gold hardware. Since the dress' back sports a deep V cut, I've kept my jewelry simple with a shell earring from Aldo, double wrapped rose gold watch from Michael Kors, and a stretchy shell bracelet from Le Chateau.

I swung by the downtown Sephora on my lunch yesterday and grabbed Make Up For Ever's HD Foundation in 110 (FINALLY) as well as my regular Sephora primer. I've heard a million fabulous things about this foundation and am really hoping it works as well for me as it has for others. Now that I've been working out more regularly (read: 5 times per week) I've noticed my skin starting to break out a tiny bit at the hair line and will absolutely have none of that.

Cue more rigorous face washings and a full coverage foundation for those days when my skin just isn't being my friend. I'll be sure to do a review on it, even though there are plenty already out there, since I haven't seen too many using lighter shades of the product and am interested to see how it all goes. This is the first day I'm wearing the new combo!

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  • Naghmeh

    that dress is so cute! I might just order one! and yay for the new back it’s a beauty! definitely on my wish list :)
    and don’t even get me started on break outs from working out, my back and sometimes my chest and forehead definitely suffer from this :( I find though the key is to wash off the sweat right away with warm water and not let it sit on your skin! hope that helps

    • theskinnyblondegirl

      Thank you! Yes, I love love love the bag. You’ll love it too!
      I’m starting to jump right into the shower and at least shower off my body ASAP after working out and it seems to be helping :) Good tip!

  • Alexis

    I love love love MUFE HD foundation. It looks flawless on. If it had more staying power (but… my extremely oily skin doesn’t make longevity an easy task), it would definitely achieve HG status for me. Gorgeous post today, you look effortlessly chic!

    • theskinnyblondegirl

      Thanks Alexis!

  • chocolatefashioncoffee

    love that dress, looks amazing on you :)