NARS Sex Appeal Blush and Heat Wave Lipstick

In my last post, I was wearing a new coral lipstick I bought from Sephora. It's by NARS and is called Heat Wave. Recently, I picked up a pink neutral from MAC called Brave and fell totally in love with it. However, I've also been in dire need of a punchy colour. I love my Russian Red from MAC but find it way more suited to fall/winter and think the tangerine trend wouldn't suit my colouring all that well. I settled on Heat Wave - a mix of an orange oral and poppy red.

I also picked up a light blush shade (Sex Appeal) but it didn't photograph nearly as beautiful as it looks in person. It's a peachy shade and goes on quite pigmented. It lasts all day and complements a bold or neutral lip perfectly. You'll be seeing plenty of both the above products in upcoming outfit posts so figured I'd do a quick beauty review and introduce you to them properly.

I go through phases where I'm all for MAC and then all for NARS. I find I prefer the MAC eye shadows and lipsticks but can't get enough of NARS blushes. When it comes to packaging (and packaging quality) the winner is always NARS. Their cases are sleek and compact, making it incredibly easy to slide your essentials into your purse or to pack your beauty bag extra full. MAC packaging tends to run on the bulky side, not to mention how flimsy the eye shadow cases are. If you've ever had the plastic window of an eye shadow case pop off and leave your makeup bag full of your favourite shadow, you know what I'm talking about.

Now, I'm going to get back to watching season three of Sons of Anarchy. I can't peel my eyes away!

  • Diva In Me

    I’ve the same blush by Nars! I love it! The color is so refreshing =)

    • theskinnyblondegirl

      I really like it, too! Glad I chose it as it’s just enough colour for everyday.

  • Naghmeh

    oooh these are so gorgeous!!!
    If NARS wasn’t so pricey I would buy so many of their blushes. I swatched this one in the store and it is just so beautiful in person.

    • theskinnyblondegirl

      They definitely are more expensive than most other blushes… I find they last longer than my MAC ones but refrain from stocking up on too many of them cause of the price point too. :(

  • Alexis

    I love NARS blushes too, they are tied for my fave with Tarte Amazonian Clay blushes (those are amazing as well – you must try!). You should de-pot all of your MAC shadows and put them in a palette. I did that last year and it’s the best thing ever since it saves so much room in your makeup case. Plus, you can bring the pots in for Back2Mac (if you replace the metal pans inside, which only cost a couple bucks for new ones).

    • theskinnyblondegirl

      Ahh I keep hearing more and more about the clay blushes. Are they at Sephora?

  • Kaytlynn

    I have the same Nars/MAC love triangle. I picked up Heat Wave after reading about it on another blog and I’m obsessed. It’s the perfecty poppy red but with a little hint of orange to make it more summer. Thanks for posting the great review!

    • theskinnyblondegirl

      Haha, glad to know I’m not alone! Heat Wave is definitely really fun. I need to pick up a waterproof lip liner that matches a bit better ’cause it does like to bleed a bit.. prob because it’s so freaking hot lately!