Black crochet top, high waist denim & a killer sunset

I'm well into season three of Breaking Bad and can't turn off the TV. I'm amazed I even ventured outside to do a post today! It was a warm, warm weekend and the temperature was a high of 30°C. As much as I'm craving a bit of layering, there's no way I could do it. For this outfit, I've mixed a black crochet top with a nude lace bandeau, high waist destroyed denim shorts, and my chunky suede heels with a silver cross necklace my mom picked up in Mexico years ago and a stretchy shell bracelet. The outfit feels very "Sunday in LA" to me, but I don't live in LA and have more or less no clue what I'm talking about in terms of Californian style.

Tomorrow after work, I've got to rush back home to pick up a package from my apartment building's office (either a gorgeous watch from La Mer or a recent order from LOVE) and then I've got to go pay - literally - a visit to the UPS depot to grab my Rebecca Minkoff bag. Leave it to customs to charge me an arm and a leg for ordering from NYC. Capital L-ame. My point is, this week I should have plenty to share with you! Plus, like I mentioned in my last post, I've got a Moroccan Oil Luminous Hairspray review to do and I'm really excited about it.

I'm going to start (well, if you think you'd enjoy reading about it) sharing some food tips here and there in my posts. I may start a separate section of the site where you can go access some recipes or something. I've really cracked down on what I put into my body over the last couple of years and have never felt better. I've cut out fast food, meat, milk, and restrict my cheese intake.

It was a really hard transition but my skin's never been clearer, I've never had so much energy, and I just feel all around great. I get asked quite often if I have tips for someone considering going vegetarian and different things like that, so let me know if this is something that would interest you or if you could really care less. Be honest!

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  • Victoria | Haute

    this crochet top is too cute for words! love it paired with the denim ripped shorts too!

    ps. I live on milk and cheese…I could never cut them out :S and bread…can’t cut that out either, unfortunately. lol.

    • theskinnyblondegirl

      Thank you! :)

      Haha, I’m lactose intolerant so it wasn’t too difficult cutting them out of my diet. I’m still loving bread, however.. especially olive bread. Mmm!

  • Diva In Me

    That’s a really nice crochet top. Hope your day has been good =)

    *I’m having a giveaway at my blog now and would appreciate it if you take some time to participate =)

    • theskinnyblondegirl

      Thanks! :) Will do!