Colour blocking and tangerine

Top: Forever 21
Skirt: Guess? Jeans
Tights: Happy Socks*
Necklace: H&M
Earrings: Swarovski
Glasses: Ray-Ban
Happy Socks sent over these Block Tights ($34) and I couldn't wait to wear them. I had to at least hold off 'til I washed my hair so I could actually share these pictures with you - so that's what I did. I'm really excited to wear them with a shirt dress and my new black converse but, as with almost all new shoes, I've got a bit of a blister starting and am taking a break from breaking them in. As far as quality tights go, these are pretty amazing. They're stretchy but don't slide down throughout the day and are super vibrant - and just opaque enough without being too thick or too warm. They aren't too much more expensive than tights I'd normally buy (Hue, Fancy Sox, American Apparel) and in my opinion are worth the investment. They're really bold and totally unique. I can honestly say I've never seen anything like them in stores around here. The weather almost feels like summer. I'm taking my car in on Saturday to get the winter tires taken off because I think snow is now a thing of the past and it's only blue skies and sunny days from here on out.... well, at least the snow thing might be accurate. I'm heading home May 10th to visit with my parents and brother, celebrate my husband's grandpa's 90th birthday, visit my Nana and Papa, have a hair colouring appointment at my all time fave salon pH Spa, and hopefully visit some friends from elementary school and high school. It's going to be one jam packed weekend (always is) so I'm going to take the Friday and Monday off work and make it a long weekend :).  I'm excited because I haven't been home since Christmas! I've got a few more posts coming at you for my Etsy Love feature this month, so keep an eye out for them. Just an FYI - my giveaway with some mouth watering products from Cake Beauty ended at 12pm EDT today. I'll be announcing the winner later this week so make sure you've provided your email address or are following me on Twitter so I can get a hold of you. Happy Wednesday, everybody! Thank you to all of my returning readers and welcome to my new readers. I can't believe how many new followers I've gotten this month and hope you all know I appreciate it a ton!


    This is a brave look, and you manage to work it very well.

    (And the puppy… AHH!)

    • theskinnyblondegirl

      Thanks. :)
      Oh, the puppy.. he is such a little doll!

  • Nieszka

    aww you have a yorkie!! so cute. I saw me might get bit of snow this week :( but it would melt with the rain, yes!

    • theskinnyblondegirl

      Yeah it’s supposed to awful this weekend. Hopefully not snow.. I don’t think I can handle any more of it!

  • Adelyn

    pretty much the coolest tights I have ever seen. Yep.

    • theskinnyblondegirl

      Haha, thanks! They’re definitely out there but I managed to put together an outfit (I think) that helped balance them.

  • MessyDirtyHair

    Love the outfit. You are fabulous! And the glasses are adorable, just obsessed!

    Xx Kelly

    • theskinnyblondegirl

      Thanks Kelly :) I was actually thinking of ordering a second pair of glasses bc I feel like everyone else has these!!

  • Audrey Renee

    holy wow! i love those leggings. your pooch is so cute!

    • theskinnyblondegirl

      Thanks :) They’re much bolder than any legging I’ve worn before!
      And yeah, Cole (Yorkie) is basically an angel…

  • sara

    your post will help us to Get personal Beauty And Style

  • Brooklyn Grace

    I really love your blog and your legging is just AWESOME <

    • theskinnyblondegirl

      Thank you!