See through shirts and soft denim (

  Jeans/Jeggings:  GAP
  Bracelet: JewelMint*

Rings: People's Jewellers

The week's end is near! Unfortunately, all of my favourite Thursday night shows aren't on tonight so I am forced to pass the time by cleaning and doing laundry. Gross. I hear back within the next five days as to whether or not I'm getting a media pass to cover and stalk Drake at the Juno Awards on April 1st. I think that I should get to go simply because my birthday is April 3rd. I doubt that is a strong enough case, however.

March is a pretty good month, as I'm seeing Rent tomorrow night, hanging with some friends next Tuesday, have my sister's birthday on the 10th, have my in-laws visiting from the 15th-18th, World Mastercard Fashion Week Toronto Fashion Week, and possibly even a trip home to visit my family at the end of the month. Oh, and spring arrives on the 21st. That's good, too, and means I can drive faster than 70km/hr on the highway since the snow will be melting soon. Hopefully...

I got a couple of requests to show the sheer Smooth-ie Move Red Coral Top from again that I wore in this post, and decided to take a few more basic shots showcasing the top. It's certainly gorgeous and there's (almost) nothing I love more than a loose, flowy, sheer top and denim. What would you recommend I wear it with to increase its versatility?

If you're following me on Twitter @theskinnyblonde you're well aware of an upcoming giveaway that will be happening here on the blog. All I'm telling you for now is it's happening over my birthday. You've got to keep checking back to find out more as we get closer to April!

  • The Honeyroom

    Love your blouse and the color very pretty!

    • theskinnyblondegirl

      Thank you!!