My picks from Ruche: Modern Vintage

1. Morning Sunshine Dress
2. Contessa Cat Eye Glasses by A.J. Morgan
3. Arboretum Tulip-Back Blouse
4. Misty Eyed Lace Dress
5. Amazon Sights Bangle Set
6. Onya Wedge by DV Dolce Vita

I was just recently introduced to Ruche by a Twitter friend of mine. I decided to showcase some of my top picks from their "New Arrivals" and can't stop looking at the collage and imagining all the ways I'd wear each piece! Unfortunately, I am still sitting around waiting for my tax refund to arrive so I won't be making many purchases between now and then - but I'll be keeping a serious eye on this store's website as they've taken a seat next to ModCloth in my mind... and I do love ModCloth. Ruche, however, is a teensy bit classier and elegant - whereas MC tends to cater a tad more to the hipster.

Today is pyjama day at my work as we're raising some money for the Humane Society. We can wear pyjamas all day long just so long as we donate at least $2. That's a small price to pay for the ultimate in comfort andto participate in a great cause. I do love the animals :). Needless to say, you won't be seeing an outfit post today as I plan on going full out grunge and wearing my red plaid pyjama bottoms and slippers.

This weekend I plan on going to the grand opening of Marshall's and meeting up with KA for coffee. Nothing too much planned aside from that, which isn't so bad as doing two things in one Saturday is something of a milestone for me. Let's just say I really enjoy sleeping in and watching hours and hours of my favourite cancelled TV shows on weekends. Oh, and blogging of course! Happy Friday, everyone!

  • Nieszka

    Ruche is wonderful! They have adorable pieces and great lookbooks! I like the yellow in the pic. I’ve purchased a few dresses there. They’re on my blog :)

  • theskinnyblondegirl

    I don’t know how I hadn’t heard of them before now.. but then again, I really lived in a fashion/style bubble until I joined Twitter and started Blogging!

    Do you have a particular post I can check out? I’d love to see how they look “in real life”!

  • Nieszka

    My current last 2 posts actually! I got the red polka dot dress, and the vintage flower pocket dress along with the blue tights! :)