How to wear a crop top with shorts: a “how to style”

1. Knitted Lace Pointelle Crop
2. Rivets peep Black Wedge-soled Sandal
3. Pieces Filane Necklace  4. ASOS Watch With Neon Pink Patent Strap 5. MOTO High Waist Space Hotpants
Long sleeved crop tops. High waist print shorts. Does it get better than that? I love this outfit. I started this "how to style" by matching the top with a black semi-metallic pleated skirt but then thought, "hey, that's been done... a billion times" and then stumbled across these too cool shorts. And, yes, obviously this look has been done before as well by most people in the 90s except for me as I was a child but that doesn't make me love it any less. As I wait for the arrival of my tax refund, I can't help but to obsessively look through Topshop, ASOS, InLoveWithFashion, Etsy, American Apparel and many other sites, pining over pieces I'd love to wear right now. All five of the above pieces, but mostly the shorts and top, have been added to my ever growing and totally unrealistic spring wardrobe wish list. Anyways, let me know how you like this "how to style" post! Are you as obsessed with crop tops right now as I am? If you're one of my lovely European readers, I don't blame you for laughing and thinking "that's so two years ago" as that's always the case for us poor fashion deprived North Americans. But, hey, better late than never - right?

  • Katt

    Love this outfit!! <3

    Katt xo

    • theskinnyblondegirl

      Thanks! Me too… if only it would magically appear in my wardrobe.