How to pull off red lipstick everyday, versatile red lipstick shades

The look is everywhere, and I can guarantee that you've holed yourself up in front of the bathroom mirror trying to achieve the perfect red lips. Then, you proceeded to scrub your lips 'til they were raw trying to get all the colour off and to hide the evidence. Maybe it's your result looked a little more like that of Courtney Love a lady of the night, or a child playing with her mother's makeup, and you've been a little discouraged to try again. I have next to no training in makeup and can manage to pull it off, so you are probably capable as well (don't hold me to that). Here are my favourite products that, when used in combination, result in long-lasting and clearly defined rouge lips. I'll post a tutorial with step-by-step instructions and images next week, so check back for that.

Lip Pencil by MAC in "Naked" I'm a fan of this one because it's dryer than other liners I've used. It's supposed to stop your lip stick from bleeding, so the dryer the better in my opinion! They retail for about $14 at MAC Cosmetics
Soft 'N Shine Lip Balm by GOSH in "Kiss" At first I thought that the balm went on a little greasy, but it dries almost immediately after application and results in a tint-like appearance. It has minimal bleeding and is the first stick I've found that doesn't have to be applied with a lip brush. BONUS. They retail for about $13 at GOSH.
Basically, red lips aren't only for celebrities, socialites, models and all of the other rich, famous people that I you cringe with jealousy over. They're for normal people too, just as long as you do it properly. Like I said, I'll post a tutorial next week. Now, back to the grind for me! Some of us have jobs, you know. ;)