Fringe Kimono, Black Jeggings & a Statement Necklace #SmartSet1P10S

February 4, 2015


What I Wore

Instant Glam With a Sequin Blazer – #SmartSet1P10S

Oh my gosh it’s chilly out there! It looks like winter is well on its way and that means time for my favourite thing ever… layers! For month three of the #SmartSet1P10S project, ten bloggers and I were challenged to style a chic sequin blazer. While I first thought of putting it together with a dress and […]

#SmartSet1P10S – How to Style a Tulle Midi Skirt

Hello again! It’s November, which means it’s time for my second look with Smart Set‘s 1 Piece 10 Styles project. If you didn’t catch last month’s outfit, you can check it out here. The featured item this month is the beautiful tulle midi skirt shown above. As soon as I saw it in store, I […]

Beauty Reviews

Everyday Brown Nude Lipstick + Knit Sweater

Holy moly, can you believe it’s 2015? I’m still trying to grasp the fact that a whole year has gone and passed and that we’re nearly a week into a new one. I’ve spent the weekend recovering from feeling pretty darn sick and installing some office shelves. I’ve dressed laid back in a knit sweater […]

The Best Foundations for Pale Skin (Personally Bought & Tested)

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been the palest (or near palest) one among my friends, coworkers and family. My brother is pale too, but he still somehow manages to maintain some semblance of a tan. For anyone with super pale skin, you’ll understand my struggle when it comes to finding a foundation that […]

Fashion Advice

There’s a whole lotta discussion concerning the “athleisure” trend as of late. From certain sites (here’s looking at you, Stylelist) claiming that athleisure is now passé to others claiming it’s going to push forward at full force throughout 2015, one thing is certain – it’s a hot topic. While I’ve seen athleisure done well and I’ve […]


If I were asked to sum up 2014 in a single word, I honestly think I would have to say “busy”. There’s no real other way to explain it… it’s just been so incredibly busy. Good busy, bad busy, you name it busy. It’s really got me thinking about how I want to spend the […]