Mixing Prints with Smart Set: Plaid & Polka Dots

October 28, 2014


What I Wore

My #FearlesslyFashionable Guide for Fall

To me, fashion is all about showing the world the inner you and what you love. I believe that fashion is innately fearless. It takes courage to rock your favourite band’s t-shirt, slip into your studded boots or leave the house with dark purple lipstick on. The best part? We have an opportunity to demonstrate that […]

My Favourite Sunglasses Right Now: Classic Ray-Ban Aviators

I remember watching an episode of Laguna Beach, way back when, in which the girls had a very lengthy conversation about choosing a pair of sunglasses. It sort of stuck with me that the right pair of sunglasses can take any outfit from zero to sixty and the wrong pair of sunglasses can do just the […]

Beauty Reviews

Philosophy No Reason to Hide Serum Review

It’s that time of year again, dear lady friends. Actually, it’s that time of year for all the guys out there too. The temp is dipping, the winds are picking up and our poor ‘lil faces are exposed to it all. The moisture seems to have been blown right out of my skin and I’ve […]

BLONDEME Color Correction Spray Conditioner Review

I’ve been meaning to post this little review for a while but keep getting sidetracked with different projects and things on-the-go… finally, however, I’m posting it. I’ve been using this product like crazy and love, love love it. So, without further ado, here’s my BLONDEME Color Correction Spray Conditioner review. As a blonde who loves to keep her blonde […]

Fashion Advice

The beautiful Jenna Lyons of J.Crew may have been immortalized the geek chic look, but you don’t need to be the Creative Director of one of the biggest names in fashion (or have the salary of one!) to nail the look yourself. It all comes down to the thick black frames and what you pair […]


I love my Yorkshire Terrier. His name is Cole, he’s almost six years old, and I can honestly say he’s one of my best friends. What I love nearly as much as I love him is being able to bring the little guy out and about with me. Thankfully TTC allows pups on board during off-peak transit hours, but […]